Hoseki Mari - Lapis Luzuli crystal

Hoseki Mari - Lapis Luzuli crystal

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Hoseki Mari - Lapis Luzuli crystal

A hand-crafted brass dish paired with exquisitely selected semi-precious stones combines to create the signature Hōseki mari by MAHŌ for an ethereal burning experience.

Minimalist in its design and elegant combination, the brass and crystal materials direct smoke energy into the conduit for a healing, ceremonial cleanse. Designed to capture the falling ash onto the brushed brass plate, each Hōseki mari burner is custom fit for MAHŌ Sensory Sticks to unleash a transcendent escape.

Activated when lit, the ignited scent of each Hōseki mari burner induces calm, relaxation, and brings a sense of sophistication to the art of healing through nature and smoke. 

Designed in Melbourne and handmade in India, each Hōseki mari has been curated to activate the five senses and add a moment of tranquillity to your self-care routine.

10.16cm solid brushed brass dish

2.5cm hand cut polished crystal sphere

Please note: All our crystals  are cut by hand from natural stone and may feature variations in colour and pattern.

Healing properties of Lapis Luzuli
A deep, celestial blue symbolising royalty, the gods, and vision, Lapis Lazuli has long-since held the place as the universal stone imparting wisdom and truth.

Carried to bring inner peace and freedom from negative thought, Lapis Lazuli stimulates good judgment in the practical world. Supporting intellectual analysis in archeologists and historians, Lapis Lazuli has been relied on by lawyers, intellects, academics, and writers for problem solving, innovation, and the creation of new ideas. 

A powerful crystal that activates the higher mind and enhances cognitive capacities, Lapis stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding. Promoting and supporting deeper levels of communication, Lapis is recognised as a friendship stone and brings harmony to our closest relationships. Recognised for its ability to reveal our inner truth, Lapis promotes self-awareness and acceptance and provides a relieving balm to encourage the release of suppressed emotions.

Healing properties of Brass
Attributed to Mars as a protective metal used to enhance courage, healing, and abundance, Brass is a combination of Copper and Zinc earthly minerals believed to purify negative energies and clear the mind.

Protecting the holder against negative forces, the defense capabilities of Brass are relied on to send negative energies back to the source to support healing and balancing the chakras. Spiritual and metaphysical in its essence, many cultures believe Brass to coax out natural good and inner truth, creating a channel of clear communication for the benefit of all.

Supportive of the immune system and recognised for its cleansing properties, Brass can be used for its antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits adding to detoxing and purification routines.